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Thank you for your support! Amby hula hoop stack

Thank you for your support!

If you’re here, I assume you loved the show so much that you decided to buy merchandise. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. We have put a lot of sweat, hard work, and sparkles into this show, and it means a lot to us that people are excited by what we’re making. I want you to know exactly what the little bit of Cab Suave magic you took home today means to us. By supporting Cab Suave and buying merch, you’re supporting queer representation, helping regional & rural Australians to access top-quality arts experiences, and helping us to create non-exploitative jobs for artists around Australia.

That’s a lot of things!

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank your for your support.

– Love Amby, Tonya, and the whole Cab Suave team 💖🌈✨

Please see below for some exclusive offers and content — for merch buyers only!

Itching for more fantastic Fringe shows?? You can see our very own Ember (a.k.a. Winter Cyan) in her show SIGNAL.

Signal is a show about using movement to create music; an experimental love letter to theatre and technology, where the artists are acrobats, composers and musicians all at once. Three acrobats turn the stage, and the body in motion into live instruments. Together, they explore empathy and connection through music and playful acrobatics.
A synaesthetic, experimental work with raw, intimate style; where each performer is both composer and choreographer, acrobat and musician.

And the best news is, Cab Suave merch buyers can use the code FRIENDS25 to get 25% off their tickets, so jump on and grab your tickets today!


Can’t get enough of our sultry songstress Trance (a.k.a. Laney Mejias)? We’re working on an exclusive album of our Spark in the Dark singing her heart out for your listening pleasure. Sign up to our mailing list today to be notified when it drops.