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Aerial Acts

Aerial performers hang high above guests for an elegant and impactful form of entertainment. They can take place as a stage show, or as an ‘installation’ pieces that add atmosphere to your event. All aerial acts can be performed as a solo or a duo.

At sparkle Society we have our own in house rigger which means we can ensure all aerial acts are performed safely.

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Here’s a selection of some of our existing aerial acts – that are ready for your event.

Vintage aerial silks

An act perfect for vintage events, that is sexy whilst also classy.

Requires minimum 5.5 of stage height
Duration: 4 minutes

Duo aerial hoop

Our aerial performers take you back to the 1950s as two housewives who aren’t happy conforming to society’s expectations. Ready to go against the grain and break free from ordinary life, they’ll get out there and show you what they’re really capable of!

Height requirement: 4 metres
Duration: 7 minutes

Dance Trapeze

A bluesy sensual trapeze act.

Requires minimum 5 of stage height
Duration: 4 minutes

Found the aerial act you are looking for?

(Or talk to us about creating an act specifically for your event)