What a cheeky, sensual and energetic show! We loved it from start to finish and all the naughtiness in between! Looking forward to watching you guys again soon! Thankyou!

Mau Krieger
Melbourne 2022

Cab Suave takes the audience on a journey that integrates circus performance with Cabernet. The singing is worth turning up for on its own and it just happens. A highly recommended experience from a very talented team.

Katherine Visini
Adelaide 2022

Cab Suave is fabulous!
All the performers are amazing, I had a smile on my face the whole time! 😁
Thank-you for such an enjoyable experience!

Bronnie Paterson
Brisbane, 2022

Absolutely loved the show, great performance by all. Enjoyed the colourful, rainbow array of magic shared with the audience. Go see the show, it’s well worth every second of every minute…standing ovation worthy.

Deanne's Art Gallery
Midsumma Festival, 2022

Amazing show! Spectacular circus executed with charm, style, humour, and grace. Could not rate them any higher. We’ll be back!

Hewitt Colebatch
Adelaide 2022

Join Dick Johnson as he investigates the sparkly Cabaret Suave, a questionable establishment run by four scandalous dames. With spectacular circus acts and live music, Sparkle Society transports you back in time in this Film Noir circus show. Bringing everything you love about beautiful vintage aesthetics, but with less misogyny and more cute polycules. A story told by queer performers, and one token straight white man.

Cab Suave will have you biting your nails and dancing in your seat, a rollicking good time that is made for adults but suitable for children 12 years+. Will the ruffians of Cabaret Suave live to see another day or will Dick Johnson succeed in his plan to drive them out of town? Come and find out if you dare, a little party never killed nobody…

Bank SA Pick of the Fringe
Award Winner,
Adelaide Fringe 2022

Tour History

January 2022: Ron Hurley Theatre Brisbane

February 2022: Gasworks Arts Park, Midsumma Festival, Melbourne

February - March 2022: The Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe Festival

April 2022: Reunion Park, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

April 2022: The Judith Wright Centre, CIRCFest Meanjin, Brisbane

Media Reviews

“Cab Suave is seen to be corrupting the “good people” of society, a fresh and engaging metaphorfor conservative and homophobic views of the LGBTQIA+ community.”


“Sultry, stylish and slick, Cab Suave is a clever meld of circus and cabaret presented in ashadowy film noir world.”

The Advertiser

“Super-skilled, stylish, sexy artists of acrobatic cabaret display a deep love of craft,inter-dependent camaraderie and evidently genuine joy.”

Arts Garden

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